Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 26, 2012

Welcome to No Man’s Land

If someone said, would you like to go to no man’s land – would you go?

Exploring the isle of Tobago, I could see the influence of history on its names – Stonehaven Bay, Scarborough, Culloden Bay – and then I came to no man’s land.

After a morning spent in the Caribbean Sea swimming and snorkeling, it was time for lunch – at no man’s land. Our boat pulled up to a small isle, too small to really be called an island, but too big to be called a sandbar.

A group of men were sitting in the shade, while two were busy cooking freshly caught fish and chicken on an open grill. As one man introduced himself as Sugar Lips, it all seemed to make sense.

Visiting the Caribbean, I’ve encountered many a welcome yet wayward spot as well as many individuals with odd monikers.

And somehow it seems to work in a tropical spot. Imagine meeting someone downtown in a big city for a meeting and they said, Hello I’m Sugar Lips?

You would assume they were wierd or odd – while on a small island – it seems like that’s the way it should be. Sugar Lips also runs boat tours – and is a bit of an entrepreneur on Tobago.

So throw caution to the wind – and go for those odd named places – who knows what may happen?

I enjoyed lunch on this wee sunny spot, and I was glad that this version of no man’s land was a welcoming spot – and a place that always will be a favourite of visiting Tobago.

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