Posted by: Waheeda Harris | June 14, 2012

Heading into the wild

As I routinely take a plane, bus, train or car to get to my destinations, I tend to forget how easy it is for some of us to navigate the planet. Our biggest complaint – delays.

But imagine being one of those explorers who headed west – figuring it out as it came. Unreliable maps, transportation difficult and accommodation – well it better be a tent.

Colorado is one of the places that makes you think about the past – with so much untouched land in this state, it makes you wonder how those persistent people got here and explored.

Seeing the variety of landscapes – mountains, deserts, plains – there’s much to overcome to get anywhere – especially when roads and fast transportation were scarce if existed.

Toss in weather, altitude and survival, explorers of the past had to have an iron will – driven by economics, they kept pursuing their dream of land and discovery.

For those who regularly travel in countries where transport isn’t as planned and efficient, its a lesson in learning about what you see is a major obstacle. Why doesn’t everyone run their system the same way? Why isn’t it done like this? For those who have travelled in places like the Middle East, Africa or Asia, I’m sure these phrases have come up routinely.

So when I get delayed in an airport or have to wait too long ( I think) for the bus, I need to put the past back into my present, and realize my luck in travelling is so much more easier than my ancestors, and a few minutes, aren’t going to make or break my trip.

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