Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 23, 2012

Made you look…

Sometimes its tough when you’re trying to get places in a country, and your vantage point it a bus window.

I always try to keep my camera close, thinking I may see something cool and want to see if I can try and photograph it.

I’ve tried to photograph signs, people, buildings and many other things – and most of the time I get a blurred photo.

When I download my images, I see the blurry shots, and just sigh, wishing it may have changed from the quick glimpse I had when I took the photo and transformed into a crystal clear image of what I had seen.

But I keep trying – with the hope that I will capture the intended image – and learn more about photography and my camera.

And once in awhile it does work – and also reminds me of a place. This image was taken from a small town in Northern Ireland on the way back to Dublin – a barbershop owner that had a sense of humour, very evident in both Northern Ireland and Ireland.

And when I edited my photos and saw it – it made me laugh again – reminding me of my trip and the Irish sense of humour. It doesn’t represent a long story or a major memory – but it was a moment I’m glad I captured and can forever come back to experience.

Its those moments that make a trip special for you – even if no one else understands, laughs or cares.

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