Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 22, 2012

I’ve always wanted to go to…

…the city of Pittsburgh. And my friends would look at me blankly and say – why?

As a traveller, there’s always places you discover through friends and contacts, but everyone has their list of places that they want to see in their lifetime, now since the film of the same name, referred to as the bucket list.

And the city of Pittsburgh, located in western Pennsylvania, has always been on my list. Its taken me more years than I wished, but this year it has come true, and I went to the city that I’ve longed to visit.

For me it was all about Andy Warhol. As I discovered his art, films and influences when I was in university, I was surprised to find out that someone who was so connected to New York City was originally from Pittsburgh. And when he died, he wanted a museum built in his hometown, where he developed his skill as an artist.

So since then, I’ve wanted to go to explore the city, to see how it had changed from an industrial city to one known for its diehard fans of the black and gold. I knew it had a strong art community, with the establishment of the Carnegie Museums decades ago and the home of several well-known families such as Carnegie, Frick, Heinz and Westinghouse.

And happily I went to Pittsburgh, discovering its neighbourhoods, seeing the black and gold fans happily showing up for a string of homes games for the Pirates and immersing myself in the wide range of art. No disappointment for this traveller, and I hope I can return to explore more.

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