Posted by: Waheeda Harris | May 2, 2012

Sometimes its good to be first traveller

Human nature and the influence of our parents often dictates to us to be polite – let someone else go first, wait for our turn, and not rush to the front of the line.

But is there ever a time that going first is a good thing? When its ok to take the iniative and be numero uno?

I’m not one to ever go first – my upbringing just won’t allow it. I’m always moving to the back of the line, sitting at the back of the bus and making sure someone else gets to go to the front.

On a recent boat trip through the Abacos, a post-lunch excursion was to a large shallow area far off-shore. The water was crystal clear and pale blue, thanks to the white sand bottom reflecting the afternoon sun.

But it was a bit windy, and several of my colleagues were reticent to go into the water for a swim. I took one look at that water and said, I’m going in.

I took off my sunglasses, my t-shirt and loose pants as quickly as possible, and before anyone could say anything else, jumped right in. A slight current dragged me behind the boat, but when I ducked my head underwater to swim alongside, I was amazed at how clear the water was.

I popped up and stood on the sand – showing my friends it wasn’t that deep, and yelled come on in! Eventually two others joined me, complaining of the cool breeze, but glad to have followed me in when they realized how grand it was to be in the middle of the sea in such clear warm water.

I couldn’t resist – as girl who grew up jumping into cold Canadian lakes, warm Caribbean waters seemed like a good idea, and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.

When I finally returned to the boat a half hour later, within five minutes we spotted a stingray – a sign to me. Who wouldn’t want to share the ocean with such an amazing creature?

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