Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 23, 2012

Exploring the world by boat

I tend to focus on exploring the world by land – but what about by boat? Do you have the dream to sail the high seas or around the world?

When I was exploring The Abacos by boat, I was reminded of the different perspective of land from the water – first impressions of shorelines and a harbour are vastly different from an airport or a train station.

Although on a small island, arrivals aren’t far from their final destination, you’re still a bit sequestered. When you arrive by boat, you’re in the centre of it all, and it feels like a warmer welcome.

Many cities are centered around harbours, a nod to our past when travel was done by ship. And I’m glad we still have that connection in a world that tends to focus on the fastest ¬†and quickest way to get anywhere.

When you’re travelling by boat, it’s a slower but fits in with the laid-back style of smaller places, especially islands.

I was told a story about how a man would travel an hour by boat to go along the coast of Elbow Cay as a caretaker of another home, as there wasn’t a way to go by land. Now residents use golf carts to go the same distance in about 20 minutes.

I would like to explore the world by boat – to gain the perspective of approaching land on par instead of from above and to slow down my travel. I’ll trade the fast track for the waterways.

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