Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 13, 2012

Don’t know where to eat traveller? Join the lineup

Thanks to social media, travellers can be easily informed about where to go when on the road. But what about following your instincts?

I had agreed to meet a good friend near Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood, at a popular restaurant, Meat + Bread. But if we hadn’t decided on that spot, the line-up would have lured me.

Although I’m pro-technology, I also like expanding my knowledge through my senses. And when you’re standing on the corner of Hastings and Cambie, it would be hard to avoid the lures of this restaurant.

Why wait for a response from Facebook friends or Twitter followers, when your eyes and nose can point you in the right direction?

Pungent scents of meat are constant at this corner, as are the lineups of hungry patrons. When I asked one of the employees just after 12:30pm when its gets quiet, she said 3pm.

Sharing sandwiches at the long table with my friend, we happily shared stories of our recent pasts as well as indulged our senses in tasty slow-cooked sandwiches that routinely stole the focus of conversation.

I’m thankful for seeing a friend, eating my fill at Meat + Bread and then sharing it with others – sometimes that order is the way to really discover what’s available when you’re wandering the town.

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