Posted by: Waheeda Harris | April 11, 2012

Bad weather doesn’t mean a bad travel day

I used to be a fair weather traveller. I always wanted sun, and was upset if it was overcast, too windy or endless rain.

But I’ve realized rain and snow has it benefits, especially if you’re willing to deal with the weather.

Visiting Whistler, BC in the spring brings a mix of weather – a mix of wet snow and rain in the village, while its snowing on the mountains is de rigeur.

I woke up wanting to walk to Whistler Village from my hotel, which was just less than an hour, but with the temperature hovering at zero, the skies were throwing down a mixed bag of precipitation.

Instead of compromising and waiting for the shuttle, I put on my wet weather gear and with my colleague started walking the Valley trail, winding our way past the lakes, through the trees and a residential neighbourhood into the Village.

The snow and rain were unrelenting – and the trail alternated between puddles and packed snow. I took a few photos, but I didn’t want to stop too long, fearing I would get cold.

We arrived at the Village soaked to the skin, but had the bump of adrenaline and warmth from walking steadily for an hour. As we mentioned to people we met we had walked from our Lodge, everyone seemed a bit surprised – but we were glad for the experience. Not just to see the areas that are usually a blur seen from the car, but to be active.

In a place where activity is the focus, it seems odd to not try to be as active as possible – and I wasn’t going to let Mother Nature’s unrelenting rain and snow prevent me from a good experience. A good reminder to pursue a plan while travelling, and not let the negative get in the way.

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