Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 29, 2012

Does landscape affect your travel choices?

There’s so many options when it comes to travel – how to whittle down to where you want?

For many its culture or festivals – food or a personal connection like friends or family – but for a lot of us its all about the landscape.

Wanting to see that unique desert oasis, the secluded bay or experience the majesty of the mountains.

For me, its always been about the mountains. I’m no climber, nor am I skier or snowboarder of any note, but the mountains call to me, on a regular basis.

As a girl who grew up in a valley, the mountains always makes sense to me – those huge hunks of rock delineate my world, and how the rest of it relates to me.

So although I know my own fears and ability may limit me from several places, I know I’ll still keep travelling to see some mountains.

I’ve happily seen the Rockies on both sides of the border, the Andes in Peru and the various volcanic and small mountain ranges found on islands – from Hawaii to the Caribbean. Each time I got a good jolt from just seeing them.

And although I’m still a skeptic when it comes to spiritual connections to mountains, when I see mountains, especially those near where I grew up, I feel the connection, and I feel better. I’ve read several memoirs about climbers, who truly believe their psyche and adrenaline bursts are connected to the mountain as they explore.

Its the easiest way to alleviate any bad mood or indifference in me – just to look at those massive rocky outcrops, at times snowcapped, boldly changing the skyline – I’m energized to face the next part of my day.

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