Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 28, 2012

How do I know its locally-made?

Have you had regrets buying something on the road?

I try to avoid the typical souvenirs, the t-shirts, ballcaps and odd figurines. But there’s always something that I want to buy, but I wonder – do I need it?

Will it be a good addition to my wardrobe or home? Is it necessary for me to remember that moment I was in another country with this item?

And then, when I do make a choice, I try to make sure that the item of my affection is not only made locally but made for a good reason.

Wandering markets is one of my favourite side effects of travel, and when I was in Peru’s Sacred Valley, I got to visit a couple, many of which had typical souvenirs as much as local handicrafts.

I was deluged with offers from the vendors to buy items – several of which I wondered if it was worth my money to spend. But when I saw this woman, whose baby was wearing several of the displayed items, I made the effort to take a look – and then saw a label – hecho en Peru – which me realize that every destination combats this too – and thankfully this woman had made the effort to show her customers, these items were made locally.

And so a scarf and some socks found their way into my handbag, and my both items are happily used regularly – a wise investment, when there is so much temptation while travelling.

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