Posted by: Waheeda Harris | March 23, 2012

What’s your favourite travel snack?

No matter the length or type of travel, we all have a need for a snack.

Are you the kind of traveller who doesn’t really think about it and just goes with whatever is at hand? Or do you plan ahead and always have some sweet or savoury options?

I admit, I like to have a few snacks with me, just in case. Just in case I don’t want to spend the money for overpriced food or drink, and just in case there isn’t any options where I am.

But my favourite is finding the local snack and indulging in it.

When I’m in tropical places, I tend to find the fruit stand or wagon – like when I was in the Dominican Republic and happily rehydrated with coconut water, thanks to a local vendor with a pile of coconuts and a sharp machete.

When I was in Derry, as with the rest of Northern Ireland, I happily looked for a place for tea – so easily found here. And bonus, freshly made scones, that came with cream and jam.

After a walking tour of the downtown via the wall, it was the perfect way to end my morning excursion. Although lunch wasn’t far off in my schedule, it always pays to stop and snack like the locals.

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  1. I do the same as you, I carry snacks with me but I like to try the local snacks whenever possible. Snacks are a very important part of everyday life!

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