Posted by: Waheeda Harris | February 10, 2012

If the world is in bright colours – why live in neutral?

I love looking at travel photos – and now that I’ve become a regular participant on Pinterest, I’m fueling my desire to look at pretty places as much as possible (and as work allows!)

Noticing that many travellers are taking photos of signs, marketplaces, art and landscape, I also noticed that its all about bright colours.

From the intense shades of places such as India, China, Morocco or Peru – its all about showing intense shades that would come from the entire Pantone colour shade chart.

I remember seeing these beautiful textiles, drying in the Caribbean sun, at Caribelle Batiks on St. Kitts. They were eye-catching with their bold use of bright hues, and I remember everyone commenting on their beauty and unique patterns.

Not having the money to buy a bigger piece, I purchased a small box, bright turquoise and orange, which is kept in my dresser as a spot for some precious jewellery. It reminds me of the sea and the sun, and I always think of the isle of St. Kitts.

I started noticing the items I’ve acquired while travelling and display in my home are all bright colours – kilim pillows from Turkey, a beaded hat from Peru’s Sacred Valley, a lantern from Thailand and a batik from Indonesia.

Like certain places have unique scent, or cuisine, for me, certain countries now have certain colours attached to them – green for Turkey, red for Peru, purple for Thailand and blue for Indonesia.

For me the world displays itself in bold and bright colours – and I’m glad that its made me want to keep exploring and discovering more colours and all the shades of the rainbow.

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