Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 24, 2012

How to survive the hotel room

Do you need to “survive” the hotel room?

In many places, yes you do. For someone who travels regularly – its all about making sure the hotel is first – clean, safe and affordable – especially if you’re a solo woman traveller.

Those are musts – there’s no need to stay anywhere that isn’t these three things. Note – there’s nothing wrong with splurging, as long as its affordable to you.

But there are many requirements that I know I desperately need – and in no particular order:

1. Do not disturb sign that works – when I’m in my room, no interruptions please! I’m not a fan of the sign, since it can be removed, turned or fall off the handle. My favourite, which I’ve seen at a few luxury hotels – a switch that illuminates a small red light which means do not disturb.

2. Complimentary wifi – for all those places who charge per day – just place the charge in the room rate – if a budget motel or hostel can afford to have it for guests – so can you.

3. Outlets in easy places – I will lament this regularly – for all of us who need to power up our array of electronics – an outlet above a table, desk or in a lampbase is excellent. Thank you – and to those who don’t know, I really don’t want to hunt around furniture or under a bed or along the baseboard.

4. Light switches – I love having a variety of lighting in a room – overhead, lamps, spotlights – but please make it easy to turn them off – wandering around a room after a long day trying to figure out how to turn off lights is annoying.

5. And for those women who travel regularly – when its possible – a dressing area – it will make us even happier to be staying at your property.

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