Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 20, 2011

Good afternoon: Grace Bay, Provodenciales Turks & Caicos

Who doesn’t like to people watch? I especially enjoy it when I get to spend some time at the beach.

The beach at Grace Bay, on the north shore of Provodenciales is an ideal spot – the sand is very, very soft and white, attaching to your skin like a gentle powder. The water is a clear brilliant blue – and like many of my colleagues said, it looked like it had been photoshopped:

As this area is protected, there are no jet skis or commercial fishing allowed – the sea is clear, with very little seaweed floating in the water. If you prefer a swimming pool, this beach will change your mind.

Occasionally someone parasailing changes up the scenery, as most people pick their lounge chair and umbrella spot, soaking up the afternoon sun. The distant strains of laughter from a few kids adds to the mellow vibe.

This beach is a serene spot – so if your goal is relaxation and alternating between sun worshipping and cooling off in the sea, this is the beach scene for you.

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  1. That’s it. I AM going there. One day. My kind of beach.

    • Its fab! Must return….

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