Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 24, 2011

Nature’s creation – the lily pads of northern Peru

I admit I can be a skeptic, so when someone tells me that something is the most unusual or unique, I tend to take it in with a grain of salt.

When I was in the northern part of Peru, in the rainforest, one of the things the guides kept telling us about was the giant lilypads we would see on one of our excursions.

I wasn’t as skeptical as usual, as we had seen some amazing things in the jungle. This dense area, rich with plant and wildlife, an amazing ecosystem that I had gotten to see up close, was a marvel.

But when it came time to go to the area, I sat in the boat as we zipped along the river, and thought, really could it be a unique experience? Could this be once again something that can only be found here?

A short hike from the river led us to the lily pads and my skepticism ceased. These giant lily pads were an amazing sight! As the rainforest had continued to show me, it can produce some amazing things.

The lily pads were between three and four feet in diameter and beautiful bright green, with red edges. Each one would eventually produce a pale pink and white lily flower, and then slowly disintegrate as the main plant grew a new lily pad.

The lily pads almost seemed unreal – but compared to what I had seen, it fit right in with the unique creations of northern Peru.

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  1. Love your photos and journeys! I hope to get to Peru very soon to see all of the beauty the country has for my self :) Until then keep the photos and info coming!!

    Thank you,

    The Passport Report

    • Hi Passport Report – thanks for the kind words!


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