Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 17, 2011

Canada’s souvenir – the sweet treat: butter tart

I like butter tarts. But then again, I do like most sweet things, especially if it comes as a pie or tart.

Butter tarts are very Canadian, and it wasn’t until my good friend moved south to the United States, that I realized how they’re part of the unique list of Canada-only items.

Since she had moved to the southern US, where pecan pie was de rigeur on every menu, you would think this similarity was enough to keep her palate happy. But its not the same.

Now that I’m travelling outside of Canada on a regular basis, I often bring the gift of butter tarts when possible to friends who are lusting for a sweet Canuck treat.

So what makes it unique? Its a simple concoction of butter, sugar and egg cooked blended together and baked in a tart shell. Of course there are now many variations, but the true butter tart is simple – no nuts, chocolate or fruit.

And when my friend recently came back to visit friends and family, she treated herself to a butter tart, savouring the sweet goodness, only found in Canada.

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  1. I like butter tarts. And I like butter tarts with raisins. Yum.

  2. i luv butter tarts! i do catch some of them in some bake shops here in michigan when i get a chance.

  3. So neat – I myself have never even HEAR of a butter tart. Do you have a good recipe I could try?? Send it over if you do – would love to try one despite being in California.

    • Hey there – I’ll look for a link to a recipe…

  4. That would be SO awesome! :)

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