Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 13, 2011

Thinking of past travels – memories of Ayutthaya,Thailand

When other people are putting together their bucket list, I’m focused on where I’ve been. I love the opportunity to go somewhere new, but there’s always part of me that wants to go back to where I’ve been.

I want to retrace my steps to a favourite spot, and then take a new direction and see what else I would find.

One country where I’d like to go back and explore is Thailand. I spent a day in Ayutthaya, visiting the religious shrines and sculptures:

I visited Wat Chai Watthanaram in Ayutthaya, and slowly wandered the immense site. Because of the intense heat and humidity, I kept to the shade and took my time looking at the Buddhist sculptures and remnants of buildings originally built in the early 1600s.

As many visitors took photos in the bright sunshine, I realized the challenge of staying in the shade and trying to use the bright light and shade to show off the sculptures.

Now looking back at this image, I can remember how hot it was and how serene it was. Despite the numbers of people, all I could hear were murmurs of voices or the occasional sound of a bird.

The sun’s rays had made everyone slow down, take the time to observe and benefit from the calmness of the Buddhist monastery.

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