Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 5, 2011

Can’t resist: the fruit cart, Higuey Dominican Republic

When you’re visiting somewhere, is there certain things that you can’t resist taking out the camera and snapping off a photograph?

Is is people? trees? buildings? Do you always take photographs of yourself in a new place? The group photo?

I love taking pictures of architecture, sculpture, signs and markets.

When I was in the Dominican Republic, the first thing I saw when I was on the streets of Higuey was a fruit cart.

The woman who took care of the cart was hidden behind the piles of fresh fruit that were like a beacon for me and my camera:

But when I satiated my fixation on the fruit, I started looking at the people around it – and noticed that for a little girl, this was her temperorary playground:

And when I moved further back, I saw that this was more than just a fruit cart or a playground, but a place for several people in the community – in less than 20 feet:

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