Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 1, 2010

Travel fave – Adioso

Are you inspired to pack a bag and take off without a plan? Do you enjoy the thrill of heading off into the unknown?

This site, Adioso, is built for the spontaneous traveller. It’s budget-friendly, showing the cheapest flights on US and international flights, through its auto-searching feature based on departure city.

Founded in 2008 in Australia, the site is now available in the United States and adding more destinations.

The search engines respond to natural language such as “flights from New York City to Hawaii for under $500″ or “cheapest flights out of Chicago” so that you don’t have to limit your options if you’re looking for a quick getaway out of town. The site displays prices on a graph so you can see the cheapest day to choose a flight.

And the site recognizes your IP address, so it switches to your home city and currency when you log on. So go forth and explore!

For more information: Adioso

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning us and glad you like the site! We’re adding more airlines all the time so coverage will get better and better.

    Happy (spontaneous) travels!

    Kate @ Adioso

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