Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 19, 2010

Travel fave – Pharmacopia bodycare

One of the delights of travel is discovery – especially new beauty products. I used to the person who would hoarde all the miniature bath products found in hotel bathrooms.

Now I’ve become more picky, realizing that many of them are pretty basic and not unique.

When I stayed at Chateau Bromont in Bromont, QC, the bathroom had a lovely display of Pharmacopia natural and organic bodycare. The packaging was reminiscent of an old school apothecary and the products were fabulous.

I benefitted from Verbena bath salts in my bath, helping me relax after a busy day. I applied the Verbena body lotion (very moisturizing) and the next day used the Verbena shampoo and conditioner. All the products were gently scented with verbena and green tea and left me feeling clean and ready to face the day.

I found online that Pharmacopia is a California-based company using natural and organic products and basing its scents on essential oils. Indulge in ginger, citrus, lavender, and rosemary – and a myriad of offerings including body lotion, body wash, massage oil, bath salts, hand cream and lip balm.

Don’t wait to discover it at your next hotel stop – get it to pamper yourself at home and on the road.

For more information: Pharmacopia

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